WDMSWorld Directory of Medical Schools (database)
WDMSWorcester District Medical Society (Worcester, MA)
WDMSWater Depth Measurement System (Optel)
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In an interview with CNA, the dean of ISU's College of Medicine, Chen Han-jung, said it is an honor for the school to be listed in WDMS International Medical education database along with other prominent schools such as Harvard Medical School, and Yale School of Medicine.
Chen added that the recognition from WDMS is a direct result of the school staff and teachers at ISU contributing to students' medical education.
A latter solution offered for multiple access is the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) in which different wavelengths (\x, A2,Xn) are assigned to each ONU.
Therefore, they are grouped roughly under four headings, TDM, CSMA/CD, WDM, and OFDM solutions.
To view all requirements and to download an application, visit www.wdms.org, go to WDMS Alliance.
Hydrogel based WDMs absorb the exudates from the wound thereby keep the wound dry, promotes the healing process.
Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) provides a new dimension for solving capacity and flexibility problems.
Many WDMs realized they should be conducting more formalized research, but were uncertain how to go about it.
T3/E3 modems, 10/100/1000 LAN extension devices, E1/T1 multiplexers, the Managed T1/E1 Modem and the Access Model 6002 WDM.
Bi-directional and selective connections between nodes can, for example, be created by a combination of devices such as reflective splitters, WDMs and time division multiplexers (TDM).
Norfolk County Council (NCC) wishes to enter into a contract for the provision of a waste data management system (WDMS).
Two 1.25 Gb/s coarse wavelength dividion multiplexing (WDM) transceivers form the bi-directional classical communication channel operating at 1510 nm and 1590 nm.