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Furthermore, an important step in WDN evaluation under seismic scenario is to identify the nodes which influence the serviceability seriously[14,15].
To analyze the serviceability in WDN, technologies from complex network and system reliability can be used.
This paper studies the serviceability of WDN in cascading failure caused by seismic action.
Whether a node in WDN can provide sufficient pressure and flow to the customers is the basic condition to judge the system operation.
In order to measure the cascading failure in WDN after a particular node failed, it is assumed that the consequence of a failure node is completely damaged.
Assume that the earthquake has caused the failure of a node on WDN.
Use LP of MSR method to calculate the boundary of the system reliability because of the following: (1) the failure mode of WDN is internally correlated; a nodal failure can influence others; (2) different failure nodes lead to different failure paths due to the topological relations between nodes and pressure capacity; and (3) analyzing the reliability boundary of the disconnected nodes, Lim and Song [24] calculated the average of the upper and lower boundary.
In WDN 3, there are 14 provinces including East Kalimantan to have a share of 853,078 KL, South Kalimantan 929,558 KL, Central Kalimantan 590,409 KL, West Kalimantan 911,829 KL, North Sulawesi 561,535 KL, Gorontalo 159,024 KL, Central Sulawesi 443,917 KL, South Sulawesi 1,09 million KL, Southeast Sulawesi 345,236 KL, West Sulawesi 129,996 KL, Papua 338,29 KL, West Irian Jaya 178,511 KL, Maluku 288,896 KL and North Maluku 165,925 KL.
WDN 4 has 2 provinces NTB 655,698 KL and NTT 438,844 KL,
Non Pertamina distributors are allowed to operate only in certain regions, but they are required to have the capacity to handle distribution in at least two WDNs.
The condition may soon change with plan to split the 4 WDNs into 14 allowing more non Pertamina companies to operate in the business with smaller coverage of distribution system compared with the networks required in only four WDNs.
The BSC accommodates adjustments in phase shift settings to compensate for WDN variations, frequency dependent performance of the modules or component temperature dependencies at up to 64 frequencies, or at 16 frequencies and four temperatures.