WDNTWell-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumors
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And that reminds me that you certainly do, as you appear conscious, care a little wee bit for literary power or fame; or the dear right hand wdnt"' care to be cut off for the particular purpose you wot of....
The affection and domesticity of these letters are echoed later by EBB as she seeks to distinguish between the competing dignities of love and familiarity and of title and position in a letter to Mitford, in which she uses her love of Shakespeare as an exemplar of the former: "Which of us wdnt. like to know how Shakespeare came down stairs one Wednesday morning with his hose ungartered?
before it come into the station, about < their still stiff purple faces sticking like that above th (e) square white buckram jackets & tricycle feats even coming out of the tunnel onto the sunlight & walking alongside the train showering down now since < we are coming into the dark filigree canopy of Bulawayo station, all these deep purple faces of the white workers & settlers who still have these jobs that th (e) black people shd have had long ago now & even Mawusi was laughin as i say & like jokin that we all wdnt mine jobs & judges like that.