WDOWatch Dog Organization (various locations)
WDOWaldo (Amtrak station code; Waldo, FL)
WDOWood Destroying Organism (insects)
WDOWaste Diversion Ontario (Canada)
WDOWisconsin Desmo Owners
WDOWomen Defending Ourselves (Stanford, CA)
WDOWell Done Opponents (Yahoo! Bridge)
WDOWorkforce Development Office
WDOWebSphere Data Object (IBM)
WDOWar Dog Outfitters (est. 2008; Michigan)
WDOWarhammer Dark Omen (video game)
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He said this time round, the pre-concert will be held on March 21 at the Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital on whose invitation the WDO is visiting Dubai.
There is currently no ISP operating in Ontario under the Waste Diversion Act, but indications are that the WDO is amenable to receiving a formal application.
In the same vein, Indonesia signed the statute of WDO at special ceremony held on the sideline of Jakarta's Conference.
Otherwise, they fail due to the following difficulties: 1) in echoic mixtures, the delays estimated (especially) for low frequencies are significantly disturbed; 2) even in anechoic mixtures, the WDO assumption (disjoint orthogonal of sources in the frequency domain) is not fully satisfied (especially in the low frequency band).
The Leiden anthropologists were all members of a club called WDO.
WDO was established as a permanent, nongovernmental corporation consisting of representatives from the industrial, municipal, and commercial sectors, and the environmental community (Ontario 2010).
In contrast, the assumption of WDO treats expansion of some outputs as undesirable.
WDO is charged with developing, funding and implementing waste diversion programs for materials designated by the Minister of the Environment.
The WDO who was standing next to a water gate had less information about that gate than someone back at the office looking at a PC with the telemetry application," says Kavarian.
In practice, however, the training and welfare aspects of the programme have fallen solely on the shoulders of the field staff due to a lack of cooperation between PCRW and district line agencies; services that members require are not available on a timely basis and any services that are provided were "fulfilled depending upon personal requests and relationship of WDO and line agency staff.
HAM56 reactivity was present within the delicate endothelial cells of WDA tumors (Figure 1) and WDO tumors, but no unequivocal macrophages were identified.