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WDOEWashington Department Of Ecology
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information, the WDOE could not efficiently identify any illegal uses of
Although state law required source metering in 1993, the WDOE
This testing was conducted in partnership with WDOE. The subsequent environmental investigation outside the tank revealed one isolated area that required some minor soil remediation.
The WDOE administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
Environmental Consortium (MEC), challenged WDOE's issuance of ten
WDOE has used two mechanisms to enforce against waste.
WDOE has used its order authority to enforce against waste only in extreme cases and has not aggressively required greater efficiency as a result of an enforcement action.
Another statutory method by which Washington protects instream flows is the state's trust water rights program.(39) Under the program, water rights holders can donate, lease, or bequeath water rights to the state.(40) The program also requires the beneficiaries of water conservation projects to convey to the state the "net water savings"(41) generated by the project.(42) However, because the Washington legislature has refused to appropriate money for WDOE to run the program, no trust water rights have been established to date, despite a great deal of interest in the program.(43)
WDOE thus has a high level of discretion in protecting instream flows for fish.
settlement of one lawsuit, Key Tronic agreed with WDOE and the EPA to
The structural changes in emerging economies through the privatization of SOEs, removal of trade barriers, economic liberalization policies, and the elimination of foreign restrictions on ownership of enterprises have created a business environment where wholly domestic-owned enterprises (WDOEs), foreign-domestic joint venture enterprises (FDJVs), and SOEs compete with one another.
In contrast, the limited evidence available strongly suggests that FDJVs enjoy reputational advantages from their foreign partners' superior access to financial resources, advanced technology, managerial skills and technical capabilities that position them to outperform WDOEs (Grant, 1987; Hill, 2000).