WDOSWireless Denial of Service
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The purchase was less than $25,000 and meshed with the WDOs' existing cellular phones.
The rules were loaded into the CTE 1400 and are used whenever a WDO uses a WAP phone to access the telemetry application.
"With our original solution, we would have accrued monthly Internet costs for each WDO. The cost of cell-phone coverage compared to Internet access is one-third the cost of the laptop accounts we had been considering."
The incidence of WDOs in houses is often ignored because it occurs individually, and there are no national reporting systems to collect data on losses caused by these organisms.
WDOs are most often detected during the inspections that many financial institutions require prior to the sale of a house.
This group of companies uses a standard reporting form for WDOs, which simplified our survey and increased the uniformity of the resulting data.
In most other cases, insects represented a minor component of WDOs found in homes.
Builders have long known how to avoid infestations by WDOs, but translating that knowledge into practice has been difficult.
The WDO reports surveyed indicated that a high percentage of homes had one or more of the conditions just mentioned, which can provide an environment conducive to WDOs.