WDPFWestinghouse Distributed Processing Facility
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The four levels of visual disability recognized by the WDPF were categorized as 'blind' (level 1 and level 2) or 'visually impaired' (level 3 and level 4).
All 22,184 visually disabled individuals registered with the WDPF included 49.
The WDPF, for example, can inform the operator if a blade-path temperature spread on the hot end of the turbine means there is a blade or combustion problem.
Foxboro's innovative, yet well-proven "plug in" system migration approach utilizes special input/output (I/O) modules that are functionally identical to standard I/A Series I/O modules, but are designed to plug right into the existing Westinghouse WDPF (or other vendors') I/O racks.
As in a traditional WDPF-to-Ovation migration without help from the automated tools, customers are able to retain WDPF I/O, cabling and cabinets.