WDQWeighted Displacement Quotient (crime statistic)
WDQWorry Domains Questionnaire
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In our context, this study provides empirical evidence of the effect of Larkey (1996) Workforce Diversity Questionnaire (WDQ) on employees' job satisfaction and employees' job performance.
Order parameters correspond to the WDQ, 'symmetron' (Riccardi and Umezawa 1967, Vitiello 1995) and the WEDP field electric polarization, the 'corticon' (Stuart et al 1979, Vitiello 1995).
A sample of 300 university students were asked to indicate their habitual sleep-length and complete the Worry Domains Questionnaire (WDQ) to determine what content areas of worry were most associated with decreased sleep-length among college students.
-- hours and -- minutes." The packet also included the Worry Domains Questionnaire (WDQ; Tallis, Davey, & Bond, 1994) to assess worry content.
A total WDQ score was calculated by summing domain scores.
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The American Chesapeake Club has long had perhaps the premier retriever program, consisting of three levels: Working Dog, with single marks and the title WD; Working Dog Excellent (WDX), with double marks; and Working Dog Qualified (WDQ), with triple marks and blind retrieves.