WDRSWireless Data Roaming Service
WDRSWinchester Disability Rating Scale
WDRSWavelength Dedicated Ring Service (telecommunications)
WDRSWell Distributed Ray Set (algorithm)
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The VeriSign WDRS is a carrier-grade, outsource solution that enables service providers to offer continuous wireless data roaming to their subscribers over a variety of wireless networks.
The operationally deployed WDRS combines existing and new technology to address interoperability between carrier networks and truly create a converged wireless data solution for VeriSign's wireless carrier customers.
Leveraging the capabilities of the Tatara Mobile Services Control Platform as a key foundation for WDRS, VeriSign allows its wireless and wireline carrier customers to more easily manage processes like authentication, service delivery and settlement with roaming partners.
The Tatara platform and WDRS also support pure RADIUS-based roaming between networks for non-GSM operators or for customers without a SIM-enabled Wi-Fi device.
Armed with WDRS, carriers can now solve a variety of data roaming problems faced by end users who want to access wireless LAN and WAN networks as they travel.
With VeriSign(R) WDRS, we are breaking down that barrier and replacing it with a seamless network that handles all of the carriers' needs -- and enables them to improve their bottom line and reduce churn by giving their customers something they've been asking for.
Service Bureau Approach -- VeriSign's(R) WDRS can be used by carriers on a per transaction basis.
VeriSign's WDRS will help drive penetration and consumption of data services by mobile users just as roaming enabled rapid growth of wireless voice (cellular) services.
Bridgewater Systems is a solid contributor to VeriSign's WDRS," said Vernon Irvin, executive vice president, VeriSign Communications Services.
These functions have been incorporated into WDRS to enable billing, mediation, clearing and settlement capabilities when subscribers are within CDMA areas.