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WDTWatch Dog Timer (embedded systems)
WDTWatch Dog Timer
WDTWeb Delivered Training
WDTWorkstation Description
WDTWeb Data Toolkit
WDTWestern Daylight Time
WDTWebsphere Development Tools
WDTWeb Data Topology
WDTWestern Dakota Technical Institute (Rapid City, SD)
WDTWarning and Display Terminal (US DoD)
WDTWeb Development Technology (study course)
WDTWomen's Dream Team (business community)
WDTWestern (Europe) Daylight Time (GMT+0100)
WDTWho's Drinking Thread (internet forum)
WDTWonderful Dream Team (gaming, Second Life)
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'We are happy that research technology by Wildcat company has found its place in central and eastern Europe thank to this cooperation,' said Mark Gresser, president of WDT, as quoted by SITA.
The subject of the order is a service for performing the necessary activities related to replacing the dn-100 bottom valve with a new fuel tank cd-5w, registration number ug 02729 and bringing it to full technical efficiency and performing wdt surveillance tests and obtaining positive wdt decisions, issued by military technical supervision, prolonging the operation of the fuel tanker, according to the schedule and scope of works included in annex 1 to the contract
Prefix Description cd CONICET Digital Base URI fabio Bibliographic Ontology pro Publishing Roles Ontology dblp Computes science bibliography terms wd Wikidata entities wdt Properties in Wikidata dbo DBPedia Ontology foaf Friend of a Friend dc Dublic Core void Metadata about RDF datasets Table 2: Main features of CONICET Digital dataset.
Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, WDT provides organisations with actionable weather analytics and decision support and helps clients leverage weather information for profit and safety globally.
WDT serves the offshore, live events, energy, agriculture, health care, retail and supplier, and data science industries.
No correlation was found between both detection and pain thresholds (CDT, WDT, CPT, and HPT) and ESC for hands and feet.
Wavelet De-noising Technique (WDT) is based on the wavelet filtering method, which can eliminate the stochastic error in the measurements of the inertial sensors at High Frequencies (HFs) without altering important information contained in the signal [15] [16].
The WDT valve was produced in its thousands through engineering firms with which Wade had connections.
Ringer's solution (25 mL PO); a commercial solution containing vitamin B-complex, amino acids, electrolytes, and dextrose (Amynin, Merial GmbH, Halbergmoos, Germany; 25 mL PO); and an equine serum protein supplement (Bioserin, WDT, Garbsen, Germany; 10 mL PO) were administered q24h with a stomach tube.
WDT was hired to collect professional fees allegedly owed to Stillwell by Arkansans.
W ostatnim czasie wskazuje sie ponadto na koniecznosc ujednolicenia procedur stosowanych w badaniach WDT prowadzonych w roznych krajach--z jednoczesnym zachowaniem prawa do prywatnosci, praw pracowniczych, bezpieczenstwa i higieny pracy, a takze akceptowalnych dla pracodawcow kosztow tego typu analiz [1].