WDTSWorkforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (US Department of Energy)
WDTSWireless Data Technical Support (Verizon)
WDTSWireless Digital Television System
WDTSWireless Data Transmission System
WDTSWarrnambool Dog Training School Inc. (Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia)
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WDT's iMap[R] services provide dynamic, web-based and mobile interactive mapping solutions for the world's leading local media companies.
For subjects with SCI, threshold measures for MDT, VDT, CDT, and WDT showed substantial reliability, with ICCs ranging from 0.84 to 0.95, while threshold measures for CPT and HPT were somewhat less reliable (ICCs = 0.50).
Multicollinearity was detected between z-scores for CDT and WDT (r = 0.73) and between CPT and HPT (r = 0.71) in persons with SCI and neuropathic pain.
Threshold measures for MDT, VDT, CDT, and WDT in persons with SCI and neuropathic pain were normally distributed only after logarithmic transformation, while thermal pain thresholds (CPT and HPT) needed no transformation.
In our sample of nondisabled control subjects, we found moderate to substantial levels of reliability for MDT, VDT, CDT, WDT, and HPT (0.63-0.86) but fair reliability for CPT (0.49).
found that ICCs in SCI patients for CPT and VDT were in the acceptable range at all test sites (0.65-0.90), ICCs for CDT and WDT were acceptable in some test sites (0.55-0.81), but ICCs for CDT and WDT in other sites (one of six sites for CDT, and four of six sites for WDT) were low (0.25-0.46) [24].
We found that the z-scores obtained for the two measures of thermal detection (CDT and WDT) and the two measures of thermal pain (CPT and HPT) were significantly correlated with one other (0.73 and 0.71, respectively).
Then, you must determine how your system will recover when the WDT generates a reset signal.
"After you decide on the actions your software should take when the WDT fires, determine if you need to obtain information about the state of the system at that moment," said Young.
Whether or not you save state information, a reset caused by a WDT should place all peripherals and I/O ports in benign conditions.
"When you power up your microcontroller, the WDT should start right away because the software could hang up in the first few lines of initialization code.
Unfortunately, high-level languages such as C/C++ "hide" details from developers who may not understand how long it will take their initialization software to execute and set up the WDT for the rest of the firmware.