WDUWireless Detection Unit (product)
WDUWindows Desktop Update
WDUWireless Data University (Orlando, FL)
WDUWavelength De-multiplexing Unit
WDUWinn Dixie University
WDUWeighting-Determinant Unit (biomedical engineering)
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The injected mass flow for each WDU blower was calibrated to match the displacement thickness of the boundary layer measurements, while the centre belt mass flow was adjusted so that the displacement thickness vanished 800 mm downstream of the blowing slot.
Such an effect would also explain the bumps in displacement thickness seen behind the edges of the WDU belts for the front positions.
expert Paul O'Mahony, and Oksana Tashakova, founder of WDU.
WDU faculty members include Seybold, who is also senior partner of the Andrew Seybold Group, Inc.
Therefore the rear WDUs were designed to be rotated 180deg enabling the struts to be attached either fore or aft of the rear wheel.
Those of us who are involved with WDU are unabashed advocates of the wireless industry," Seybold said.
The WDU curriculum is divided into two distinct parts: a formalized morning program consisting of three separate instructional tracks conducted by Seybold, Dewey and Reiter, respectively, and afternoon panel sessions, which feature not only the conductors of the morning tracks, but also guest presenters.
The Tracks, which are updated for each of the twice-yearly WDU events included: "Basics of Wireless Data Communication," conducted by Andrew Seybold; "Wireless Internet and eCommerce," conducted by Alan Reiter; and "Wireless Applications and Wireless Portals -- The Competitive Landscape" by Barney Dewey.
16-18), it was announced today by WDU founder Andrew M.
With its all-new curriculum, WDU is billed as a must-attend program for IT managers, communications specialists and wireless- industry professionals who have to know the latest applications, wireless e-commerce and the future directions of wireless-related technology.
17, 1998--Andrew Seybold's Wireless Data University (WDU) and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) have concluded an agreement under which WDU will produce programming on wireless data communications and wireless Internet implementation and marketing for the upcoming Wireless I.
Detectives looking for a fourth man want to find a blue Volvo estate car, registration OY05 WDU, seen driving away.