WDVAWisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WDVAWorld Digital Video Association (est. 2002)
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Donovan had applied for and been rejected as a candidate for the position as WDVA Communications officer despite receiving the top score on the qualification exam and being the only Veteran in the final pool of candidates judged to be qualified for the position.
The WDVA refused to consider accommodating his disabilities by allowing him to remain in his Union Grove position.
Doyle has proclaimed that veterans bring unique qualifications to both private and state government employment, the WDVA appears to view military service as undesirable baggage for employment in their department.
The WDVA was founded to serve this need, founded by a group of Fortune 500-level executives and creative professionals in the fields of video production, publishing, events, telecommunications, financial services and web development.
According to Fox, "At a meeting weeks before rejecting Colonel Donovan for the position Secretary Black told various WDVA department heads that the problem with the WDVA was that there were 'too many older white males' in the employ of the WDVA.
Wisconsin state law clearly requires the WDVA to hire a veteran for the public affairs officer position "if possible.
Readers can access the publication either through the WDVA website at http://www.
In addition, the WDVA plans to create a monthly magazine and trade show.