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WDVVWitten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde (equation)
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He has also obtained the solution of the system Starting from 1979, growing attractions on the Darboux-Halphen equations (6 1) come from the observations that various important models of theoretical physics admit reductions to equations (6 1) or its generalizations It appeared in the analysis of SO(3) invariant anti-self-dual Einstein metrics in gravitation theory [16], inconnection with the moduli space of two-monopole problem [5,6], the complex Bianchi IX cosmological models and the reductions of self-dual Yang-Mills fields [12], the WDVV equations of topological field theories [14] and, renormalization group flow of WZW theory [8].
Moreover, Hessian type metrics are useful tools in solving specific problems of WDVV PDEs of string theory [6].
Marshakov: WDVV equations as functional relations, arXiv:hepth/0205308 v1, May 2002.