WDXWorking Dog Excellent (certification)
WDXWoot Dynam-X (gaming clan)
WDXWarDroX (online game)
WDXWavelength Dispersive X-Rays
WDXWorld Doc Exchange, LLC (Arlington Heights, IL)
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The 1947 WDX featured amenities including electric wipers, a single driver's sun visor and armrest, dome light, a heater and 10,000 lb.
The Wocu is developed, owned and distributed by the WDX Organisation Ltd, a private company based in London, England.
Nearly all of the large research-grade XRF analysis systems use the WDX principle.
Michael King, managing director of WDX Organisation, added: "We are very pleased that Interactive Data will be incorporating the Wocu into PrimeTerminal, eSignal Pro and PlusFeed for delivery to its many clients around the world.
In return, Michael King, Managing Director of WDX, said, "We are pleased to be using ePulse Web Messenger.
Michael King, CEO of WDX Organisation, said, "There is great potential for use of the Wocu in Russia and Eastern Europe, especially in physical commodity trading such as oil and energy, and we have already received significant interest from banks, financial institutions and various trading organisations in the region.
June 12, 2012): Ormita Commerce Network Ltd, the world's largest multilateral barter exchange trading system; together with WDX Organisation Ltd.
For Brian Schmidt, who owns UH SHR Ch Greenwood's Angus MH WDX CGC, the move to a Welsh springer was dictated by a change in his hunting.
WDX Organisation, the company behind the Wocu, has weighted its algorithm in line with these GDPs, creating a demonstrably less volatile and totally apolitical currency unit.
While I have had some that required persuasion to be steady due to their eagerness to 'get the bird,' most have taken to training exercises quite well and have not been difficult to train," said Becki Jo Hirschy, who owns Ch Calico's Moving Picture CDX RN MH WDX ("Major"), the first champion and master hunter in the breed.
Bio-AMD has two majority owned UK subsidiaries: Bio-AMD Limited, a technology developer for medical diagnostic devices; and the WDX Organisation Ltd, the owner of the Wocu(TM), a global currency data reference source for application in financial markets.
BlueMoon's Heart and Soul CD SH TD WDX CGCc6 ("Tillie") and Ch.