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WEACWisconsin Education Association Council
WEACWomen in Engineering Advisory Committee (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
WEACWinchester Engineering & Analytical Center (Winchester, MA)
WEACWorking Environment Area Chart
WEACWildlife & Exotic Animal Club
WEACWestwood Environmental Action Committee
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In the following years, WEAC and the WMC became stalking horses for the Democratic and Republican establishments, and the groups fought proxy battles for the parties on the state's biggest issues.
So when Walker won the governorship in 2010, as well as control of both houses of the state legislature, the ring was set for the Republicans to attempt a knockout blow to WEAC.
A study by Grissmer (1994), cited in WEAC, 2005, also found that parents' level of education was important factor affecting student achievement.
ESPs have traditionally been underserved--left out of too many programs open to teachers," says WEAC staffer Debra Berndt, the program's director.
With the introduction of a new Level II Certificate, the Wisconsin Education Association Council has expanded the opportunities it offers ESP through the WEAC Professional Development Academy.
And the college rehired Teske after his firing was revealed to the press in an on-campus "workers' fights hearing" co-sponsored in June by WEAC and the AFL-CIO's Waukesha and Milwaukee county labor councils.
It hasn't been seen statewide among superintendents and administrators as strictly a union-driven program," explains WEAC staffer Deb Berndt.
Now WEAC is mobilizing its members to reach out to parents and neighbors and build public support for quality public schools.
To that end, WEAC is providing MEAA a three-year package of education grants, enabling it to offer ed assistants "more workshops and college coursework than it has in the past--all at no cost to members," says WEAC Organizer Fran McNett.
Our objective," says WEAC legal counsel Bruce Meredith, "was to maintain the integrity of the fund.