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WEAIWeatherhead East Asian Institute (Columbia University; New York)
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We also remain committed to the journal's aim of publishing the best papers presented at WEAI conferences, and urge all presenters and session organizers to consider CEP when deciding on a possible outlet for papers.
These include the WEAI board, the Executive Director of WEAI (Darwin Hall), the former editor (Preston McAfee), and the administrative staff, especially, Kaulene Gellerman who manages the submissions, the stalled papers, and me.
The WEAI conferences provided approximately 17% of our total manuscript submissions for 2010.
Previous versions of this article were presented at the 84th Annual Conference of the WEAI in Vancouver 2009, the Football and Finance Conference 2009 in Paderborn, the First European Conference in Sports Economics 2009 in Paris, and the Young Researchers Workshop on Contests and Tournaments 2009 in Magdeburg.
The WEAI conferences provided approximately 21% of our total manuscript submissions for 2009.
We thank Flavio Cunha, Bart Golsteyn, James Heckman, Joan Muysken, and Inge Sieben for useful comments and conversations; participants at the 2006 WEAI in San Diego for feedback on an earlier version of this paper; and Anton de Vries for advice about the use of cognitive tests.
I would like to thank the participants of the 2005 ESA conference in Montreal, the 2005 WEAI conference in San Francisco, and the 2005 FED conference "Quantitative Evidence on Price Determination.
I also thank Jennifer Broaddus, our editorial assistant and office manager, the staff at Oxford University Press, and Joyce Rosendahl, who helps coordinate with the WEAI and also assisted with many tasks.
Don Kenkel, participants of the 2005 SAPRP annual conference, participants of the 2006 WEAI conference, and two anonymous referees.
I am also thankful to Indranil Chakraborty, Cynthia Rodgers, Anita Schiller, Allwyn Tellis, two anonymous referees, and participants in the 78th WEAI for helpful comments.
The WEAI conferences provided approximately 18% of our total manuscript submissions for 2008.
YORAM BARZEL, I delivered an earlier version of this paper as the Presidential Address for the WEAI in Seattle in 2002.