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WEALWomen's Equity Action League
WEALWorkshop on East Asian Linguistics
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Compared with the control session, most subjects (32 of 38) decreased the size of their weals measured during the intervention session, and the differences between the weal sizes produced in the two sessions were highly significant (N = 38; t = 4.
Taylor, touching upon those moments and aspects of life where one's decision is of paramount importance--the choice for woe or weal could potentially have lifelong or greater repercussions.
Ahern admitted to the panel he had used his whip with excessive frequency and excessive force and that he hit the gelding in the incorrect place and caused it to weal.
KBA president Albrecht Bolza-Schuenemann announced last month that weal demand in the newspaper industry meant capacity reduction at KBA plants that make newspaper presses.
builds the foundation for studying random set data, carefully covering generalities in probability, random sets in statistics, finite random sets, random sets and related uncertainly measures, random closed sets, the Choquet integral, Choquet weal convergence, and aspects of statistical inference with coarse data.
He then proceeded to describe the gross pathological characteristics of acute inflammation: weal, brief blood vessel constriction, followed by blood vessel dilation and associated redness.
The right to private property, as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared, can "not be understood without the obligation to the common weal (LC 87).
In addition to a huge party, well supplied with fresh beer, industry luminaries recognized the brewery's contribution to the weal.
When foreign trading ships brought such barter items as cotton, thread, needles, and scissors, along with missionaries who insisted the Kuna weal clothes, the art shifted from skin to fabric.
The Best of Show-Advertising award weal to Potash Corporation and Fergus/Peters Group for the "Fertile Minds ProAction Kit" and Best of Show-Public Relations went to Perishables Group for "A Watermelon Just for You.
Judging by the grins on their faces, the Burnside locals fared pretty weal and some had more cash than they knew what to do with Choppy definitely had the most lines and if there was an award for that he surely would have won, hands down, Choppy's final words: "Done deal, Danielson