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WEANWomen Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal
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'twould be better for her that she should be weaned."
“It is not at all remarkable; a half-breed can never be weaned from the savage ways—and, for one of his lineage, the boy is much nearer civilization than could, in reason, be expected.”
"Mebbe you-all think I ain't weaned yet?" Daylight demanded.
A primary task of the group was to revise methods of data aggregation and analysis for identified respiratory measures, including patient/resident wean rates.
Modern pig production units should wean at least 22 PPSY.
Charles Ross & Son Sprout-Bauer Paul Troester Maschinenfabrik Vander-Kemp Division Wean Industries Wyssmont
However, the number of pigs born and weaned in the UK has only increased by an average of half a pig per sow each year since 2006.
Typical criteria for assessing a patient's readiness to wean are widely employed however; their sensitivity and specificity are poor.
Tusks of juvenile mammoths carry a chemical record of the animals' environment and behaviors, including how quickly they became weaned from their mothers, scientists have found.
Flat deck Specialized housing with perforated floors and temperature-controlled environment for recently weaned pigs.
Because of the resources we can bring to bear in the skilled nursing facility-based unit, we are able to wean these patients much more cost-effectively.