WEAPWomen’s Economic Agenda Project
WEAPWater Evaluation and Planning (software)
WEAPWisconsin Early Autism Project
WEAPWave Equation Analysis Program (physics)
WEAPWave Equation Analysis of Pile Driving (construction)
WEAPWorkshop Editor Appreciation Program (OEDILF)
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The outputs of these WEAP model regarding to operational dam data and water balances was the input information introduced in the DSS.
Distribution System: In the WEAP model, distribution system is either municipal supply (for Tehran city).
Recent WEAP developments, in 3rd International conference of the application of stress--wave theory to piles, 164-173.
Convinced he will be back, Vinnie weaps and waits, while friends including Betty know the man is up to no good.
WEAPS makes a critical contribution to theater-level models such as the Combat Forces Assessment Model and is a key tool in the annual Non-Nuclear Consumables Annual Analysis process.