WEAPWomen’s Economic Agenda Project
WEAPWater Evaluation and Planning (software)
WEAPWisconsin Early Autism Project
WEAPWave Equation Analysis Program (physics)
WEAPWave Equation Analysis of Pile Driving (construction)
WEAPWorkshop Editor Appreciation Program (OEDILF)
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WEAP was developed to assess water resource allocation problems, and it is also used to study the impacts of climate change on hydrology.
Data for the WEAP input parameters, such as soil water capacity, hydraulic conductivity, crop coefficients, net irrigated area, deep water capacity and deep conductivity, were obtained from the Institute for Water Studies, Chennai.
To assess the effects of climate change on future flows, WEAP was used to first calibrate and validate the model for the Kosasthaliyar reservoirs with virgin flow data.
The WEAP model was used to predict inflows under climate change.
The climatic data obtained were superimposed on a hydrological model using WEAP software.
Distribution System: In the WEAP model, distribution system is either municipal supply (for Tehran city).
Water allocation within WEAP is carried out by using user-specified priorities for demands and sources.
The CPTs for BN(Bayesian Network) variables were entered automatically via the Learning Wizard module, using data obtained from the output of WEAP model constructed for each dam.
Recent WEAP developments, in 3rd International conference of the application of stress--wave theory to piles, 164-173.