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WEARWorkshop on Encapsulation and Access Rights
WEARWestern Arctic National Parklands (US NPS)
WEARWorld Engineering Anthropometry Resource (international consortium)
WEARWest Edgewater Area Residents (Chicago, IL)
WEARWe Are All Recruiters (US Air Force program)
WEARWartime Executive Agency Requirements
WEARWartime Executive Agent Responsibilities
WEARWBS Element Audit Review
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Some knock at but one door and bring a hansom, but others go from street to street in private 'buses, and even wear false noses to conceal the sufferings you inflict upon them as you grew more and more like your sweet cruel mamma.
"Well, dear, we should never wear them, you know." Dorothea spoke in a full cordial tone, half caressing, half explanatory.
"Trix told Belle she was going to ask you for the dress, as you would n't care to wear it now.
Medium goods indulge in light trousers on week-days, and some of them even go so far as to wear fancy waistcoats.
"Oh, I should like to wear a sword!" cried Charley.
"I thought we put them away when she wouldn't wear them," murmured Mrs.
"Why shouldn't you wear it if you want to?" asked Anne.
"Shall not you wear your brother's cross?" And as she spoke she was undoing a small parcel, which Fanny had observed in her hand when they met.
But of course she could only wear one of them at a time, because she had but one neck.
"They would be just the thing to take a long walk in, for they could not wear out."
No, Button-Bright must wear his fox head, and he'll be sure to love it dearly as soon as he gets used to it."
It means to teach a horse to wear a saddle and bridle, and to carry on his back a man, woman or child; to go just the way they wish, and to go quietly.