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WEARSW/P Exhibits & Rate Schedules (DCAA)
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I must wear it more often than I have done of late, although it may not be the best of my collection."
"Mercy on us, these things are like the night-drawers Jamie wears! You don't mean to say you want Rose to come out in this costume?
"When I wear this necklace I shall always think of you," said she, "and feel how very kind you were."
"Well, dear, we should never wear them, you know." Dorothea spoke in a full cordial tone, half caressing, half explanatory.
"Trix told Belle she was going to ask you for the dress, as you would n't care to wear it now.
Medium goods indulge in light trousers on week-days, and some of them even go so far as to wear fancy waistcoats.
"Oh, I should like to wear a sword!" cried Charley.
"Why shouldn't you wear it if you want to?" asked Anne.
"Because you wear silver shoes and have killed the Wicked Witch.
No, Button-Bright must wear his fox head, and he'll be sure to love it dearly as soon as he gets used to it."
It means to teach a horse to wear a saddle and bridle, and to carry on his back a man, woman or child; to go just the way they wish, and to go quietly.
Its members will be distinguished by a red ribbon worn across the shoulder, and the mayor of the city will wear a white belt as well.