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The Extension Board engaged the General-Secretary of the WEAV as the Secretary of the Extension Board.
The WEAV responded by developing new methods of delivery.
Of greater significance however, was an action that occurred in the same year when the WEAV noted that although their aim was still to attract workers', their main responsibility was to not target the delivery of adult education to any specific group, particularly the Trades Unions.
Atkinson had moved the WEAV from being an 'organiser' of a specific type of program to a provider of a range of learning options.
These changes effectively established the WEAV as a highly significant provider for adult learners in its own right.
A more appropriate view would be that the work of the WEAV retained the idealism of providing learning opportunities for adults in spite of the move towards realism that occurred in Australia at the end of the 1920s.
The return by Badger to a definition of the worker based on their employment status had a negative effect on the WEAV.
To the WEAV on the other hand, Coates described what happened at the conference.
Following the conference and the reports made back in Melbourne, Badger tabled a report to the WEAV Council in 1941.
To add weight to the 'work' needed, Badger described the growth required in the current programs as well as indicating that adult education work must encompass a broader field of activity, something of course that the WEAV had been doing since 1920
With the adoption of this recommendation, the WEAV effectively wrote itself out of any significant future.
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