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WEAVEWomen Escaping A Violent Environment
WEAVEWeb-Based Analysis and Visualization Environment (Open Indicators Consortium)
WEAVEWashington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education (Seattle, WA)
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He weaves his wonderful words in such wonderful fashion that they sound like what he describes.
The beginner start with simple cotton weaves and gradually learns how toweave simple patterns andthen proceed to silk yarn anddifficult patterns.On average, students takeabout four days to completea plain cotton muffler andone to two weeks for a simplepattern to complete.
On average, two people are able to weave two sedge mats measuring two metres by 1.6 metres a day, earning a profit of $2.50 to $3.
* Soumak, which is a weave that resembles a braid and creates a raised, slanted, look.
As part of the people's culture, as soon as a would-be husband concludes all the marriage rites, the bride was expected to weave apparel for her husband as her first assignment.
What would we have done if I did not know how to weave baskets?
Bringing the power of the weave to life, Kandama will hold the 'Save The Weave: A Kandama Benefit Show' on September 27 at the Tanghalang Pasigueno.
Shadda is a flat weave carpet, made primarily in Nakhchivan, Agdam, Gubadly, Agjabedi.
In her sculpture Plane Weave, Alyson Shotz interlaces aluminum in the most basic woven configuration, plain weave, and stabilizes these elements with rings.
Textile knowledge is curated and presented in an open access Weave Guide and Textile Dictionary at the Textile Resource Center (www.textileresourcecenter.org).
Visitors to the website will be able to read reviews from previous and current Honey Bee Express Weave Salon customers as well as submit a contact form to reach out to the business directly.
To weave a mat, a meter by a meter and a half, one needed up to 50 meters of fronds.