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WEAXWater-Extractable Arabinoxylan (wheat grain)
WEAXWeather Facsimile (US DoD)
WEAXWeather Forecast
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In this occasion, both two-step extracted AXs, WEAX and CEAX, improved most of the bread properties to a higher extent than the successively extracted WPEAX and CPEAX.
Water-extracted AXs (WEAX and WPEAX) generally improved the bread properties to a higher extent than alkaline-extracted AXs (CPEAX and NEAX), except CEAX which displayed in some cases a comparable effect to water-extracted AXs.
WEAX samples (40 mg) were dissolved in 2 mL sodium phosphate buffer (pH 6.9, 0.1 M).
The effects of WEAX on starch hydrolysis are presented in Figure 1.
Table 2 shows the effect of WEAX on [alpha]-glucosidase activity in the presence of sucrose or maltose as substrate.
The inhibitory potency of WEAX against intestinal maltase was 1000-2000 times less compared to acarbose (a positive control).
The inhibition potency varied significantly (p < 0.05) among the WEAX samples with [WA-f.sub.50] being the most potent.