WEBAWomen Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area (San Mateo, CA)
WEBAWomen Exploited by Abortion
WEBAWelcome Back
WEBAWomen in Ethical Business Awards (UK)
WEBAWorld Educate Business Association
WEBAWest of England Baptist Association (UK)
WEBAWelzijn Bij de Arbeid (Dutch: well-being at work)
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The technical team from Weba Chute Systems assessed the challenges and, in partnership with the mine, engineered a material handling solution.
The philosophy at the heart of WEBA, Project Rachel and Silent No More is ultimately as disingenuous as the argument central to the Nathanson films.
(66.) SARA DIAMOND, SPIRITUAL WARFARE: THE POLITICS OF THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT 97-98 (1989) ("'We want to neutralize the word "choice,"' says Nola Jones, one of the leaders of Victims of Choice, a spin-off from a nationwide project called Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA)."): see also Gans, supra note 64 ("The post-abortion arm of the pro-life movement was absolutely created by women for women who learned too late what was really at stake in their 'choice.'").
Like Killacky in Minneapolis, Lazar is a passionate defender of art, artists and cultural diversity; as an administrator, she has garnered detractors as well as defenders, but the performance artists with whom she has worked most closely -- Sebastian, John Woodall, Gomez-Pena, Weba Garretson, erstwhile puppeteer Bruce D.
Weba Chute Systems invested in technology to profile the dust emission of conventional chutes.
Power Techniques Inc.; along with M&I Engineering (Pty) Ltd., introduced the WEBA Full Flow Control Transfer System and the Advanced Flow Chute Design to the U.S.
Power Techniques is the North American representative for the Weba Control Flow Chute.
Out of that impromptu meeting came the fragile first steps to form what became the first national post-abortion support group, Women Exploited By Abortion (WEBA).