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Add-on products include Interaction Weba (web chat and web callback), Interaction Recorder(TM) (voice logging), Interaction Dialer(TM) (predictive dialing), and Interaction Director(TM) (SS7 pre-call routing).
Adile Salotti, Au Bon Repos, Bohus, Carrefour, Casamercato, Circulo Mobiliario, Conforama, Deba Meubelen, DFS Furniture, Divani & Divani, EFG European Furniture Group, Expo Mobi, Fabrideco, Habitat UK, Habufa Meubelen, Homestyle Group, Ikea, Indoor Group, Intermobil, Isku, JYSK, KARWEI, Land of Leather, Lapeyre, Levitan, Littlewoods Retail, Marks & Spencer, Merkamueble, Meubles Belot, MFI, Mobiclub, Mobis, Poltrone & Sofa, Ricci Casa, Skeidar, Sofa Workshop, Svenska Hem, System B8, Tasokaluste, Weba Meubelen.
Embrace offers a WebAS "engine" for Video, Voice and multimedia services, enabling clientless communication using a common web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.
The Solution is a SoftWare Suite conceived for virtualized environments and Cloud, which is able to supply the mutual functions of a WebRTC WebAS (Embrace WebAS) and of WebRTC Gateway (NetMatch-S).
User generated content has become a core part of commerce today, and Forrester Research predicts that by 2014, 53% oftotal retail sales will be affected by the Webas consumers increasingly use the Internet to research products before purchasing.
0, solutions for sales tax, consumer use tax, and value added tax (VAT) on SAP WebAS, help customers reduce costs associated with tax processing.
Like SAP WebAS, Vertex O Series products utilize object-oriented, industry-standard technologies, such as Java, HTML, XML, and SOAP, to provide the greatest deployment options and integration flexibility available in a tax solution today.
0, solutions for sales tax, consumer use tax, and value added tax (VAT) on SAP WebAS help customers reduce costs associated with tax processing.
The rigorous testing of Vertex Central, Vertex's Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component, helps ensure that customers can confidently install and deploy Vertex O Series on the SAP WebAS, which is part of the SAP NetWeaver(TM) integration and application platform.