WEBADWeb Based Airspace Deconfliction (US Air Force)
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Webad: The phlebotomist thought they were throwing a party and the ribbon was a cool decoration.
Webad, if you are not careful, you will be arrested and charged with flagrant abuse of the word "picky".
Webad's new daily radio program, "Mucus Memoirs of a Mad Phlebotomist" heard every Monday on this station.
Webad's remark about what's the big deal about dirty finger sticks.
Webad: Since I am under the threat of litigation for exercising my first amendment rights of free speech for using the word picky, I will just have to say that you people just have your tourniquets too constricted about your blood samples.
Webad, do you have any information about this My Way Mafia and why they act like a terrorist group?
She basically scrapped her idea and took a hiatus to reinvent WebAd.vantage.
WebAd.vantage today is also, in a way, reinventing itself yet again.
The idea is to link those verticals in ways that boost the online presence of the client and leverage WebAd. vantage's capabilities--a health and wellness Web site, for example, targeting boomers with an online media buying campaign of text and display ads.