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WEBCAMWorld Wide Web Camera
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The different benefits of webcam technology, such as streaming images and capturing live footages of patients for vital as well as prenatal care, have extended its scope in the healthcare sector.
According to the aACAyWebcams - Global Market Outlook (2017-2026)aACAO report the Global Webcams market accounted for USD 5.18 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 13.14 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 10.9 per cent during the forecast period.
In 2016/17, the forces across England and Wales recorded at least 1,113 blackmail crimes involving webcams and video links.
Mark Zuckerberg is right to tape his webcam. But he shouldn't have to: - Slate (@Slate) June 24, 2016
PSNI cyber crime officers are dealing with new webcam blackmail cases "every week".
Because of this, FBI's director is urging people to take precautions and cover up their laptop webcams to prevent spying.
If your webcam is a mission-critical peripheral then you may want to try and rollback to pre-Anniversary Update Windows 10.
Many pilots know of the vast array of webcams put in place in Alaska and Canada to help improve pilot safety.
And Mr Chothia, a lecturer in computer science, posted an article entitled: "How to protect yourself when GCHQ goes for your webcam" to help worried users.
It found up to 11% of webcam material showed sexually explicit footage which it described as "undesirable nudity".