WEBIWharton E-Business Initiative (University of Pennsylvania)
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New York-based WEBI will serve as an empowerment, scholarship, advocacy and training resource for women and men who desire to equalize employment, professional development and educational opportunities.
"The beverage industry has traditionally been dominated by male executives, managers and workers, but this is not the case anymore," says KatherineTair, CEO of SENCE-Worldwide, a founding member of the WEBI board of directors.
In addition Iron Mountain is also using IBM WEBi, an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use, highly interactive Web Client for IBM Content Manager and IBM Content Manager OnDemand that employs open standards and supports Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies.
Table 3 shows SAIs by financial statement and by quintiles sorted on the web financial disclosure score, WEBi. The WEBi quintiles capture firms' use of corporate web sites to disseminate financial information to investors (a proxy for propensity for early adoption XBRL).
Table 7 provides Pearson correlations among variables SAIi, PROPi, WEBi, and a proxy for size, sales (SALEi), all measured on a per firm basis.
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* Reporting Services (such as Crystal Reports, Webi, Explorer, etc to Xcelsius for dashboards and Strategy Management),
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This guidance relates to the support and maintenance of the existing tool (Webi) and extends in the evolution of BI tools.
On Webi, the application is installed on a Windows server to Windows Server 2003 R2 operating system, this server is a physical server with two CPUs and cores.