WECDWorker-Establishment Characteristic Database
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(7) There is no one definition of 'sustainable development.' A popular view equates it with pursuing progress in a way that meets the needs of both current and future generations (WECD 1987, 41).
According to GB / T 17215.211-2006 <<AC measuring devices General requirements, tests and test conditions>> "and GB/T-17215-2002 <<Alternating-current static meters for active energy--Classes 1 and 2>> there are eight points to be considered in the design of WECD:
The select of the measurement chip is a key part in the WECD, its performance will directly affect the accuracy of information of energy consumption, thus the design chooses ADE7755 [9] which is one of the low-power, high-performance ADE77XX chips serial in ADI's.
The overall hardware design for WECD was shown in Figure 2.
The Detection Circuit in Energy Consumption is the key part of the WECD hardware design, for the precision and stability of the detector is related to the accuracy of Electricity meter.
The first type of match--survey-to-survey--is represented by the Worker-Employer Characteristics Database (WECD).
The WECD is representative of the first type, but if censuses are considered administrative records systems, none of the six conference papers fits this category.
Doms, Dunne, and Troske (1994) add data from the Worker-Employer Characteristics Database (WECD).
This study uses data from the Worker-Establishment Characteristics Database (WECD), a recently developed Census Bureau database that matches information on workers and employers.
The basic design of the WECD is as follows.(4) Manufacturing plants in the Census Bureau's Longitudinal Research Database (LRD) are associated with an industry and a geographic block code.
The design of the WECD implies that we have information on a sample of manufacturing plants, rather than the entire population of plants in manufacturing.
The Worker-Establishment Characteristic Database (WECD), also under development, is an attempt to combine information on worker characteristics, obtained from the Decennial Census, with information on the characteristics of the worker's plant, obtained from the LRD.