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WECSWind Energy Conversion System
WECSWorkshop on Education in Computer Security
WECSWärtsilä Engine Control System
WECSWorksite Erosion Control Supervisor (Georgia)
WECSWymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society (UK)
WECSWeb Enabled Collaboration System
WECSWest End Catholic School (Johnstown, PA)
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Sharaf, "A novel active filter strategy for power mitigation and quality enhancements in a standalone WECS," International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, pp.
The generators used for the WECS (Wind Energy Conversion System) maybe the synchronous generator or the asynchronous generators.
On the other hand, due to the nonlinear characteristics of wind turbine, there is a particular operating point at which the output power of the WECS is maximum for a given wind speed [4].
To overcome challenges associated with the conventional power control and optimization algorithms and to remove the dependence of the MPPT algorithm on system modeling and identification, an ES algorithm for MPPT of WECS is employed.
MPPT algorithms have been widely studied, not only for wind systems, photovoltaic systems are also a typical application area for MPPT techniques [5], [8], [7], [6]; it can be said that the implementation of those techniques, for PV systems or WECS is the same, except for the variables involved in the algorithms.
A state feedback controller is adopted for the WECS.
For economic growth, WECS has designed a strategy to attract domestic and foreign investment for the development of different energy sectors, including hydroelectricity, solar energy, biogas and petroleum products.
Once you have these details taken care of, your final step is to again contact your appropriate government agency and request permission for your WECS.
Many authors [4, 5, 6, 7] survey fuzzy logic control, neural network control, expert system control and synthesis intelligent control methods that used in the stability, speed control system and maximum-power transfer of WECS and they showed that the intelligent control approaches are robust and exhibit a superior performance to traditional control methods.
The WECS tabulates traditional demographic information such as age, education, and ethnicity, as well as information about various elements of the respondents' social networks.
The WECS 3000 Main Control Unit (MCU) is the master of the control system.