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WECSWind Energy Conversion System
WECSWorkshop on Education in Computer Security
WECSWärtsilä Engine Control System
WECSWorksite Erosion Control Supervisor (Georgia)
WECSWymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society (UK)
WECSWeb Enabled Collaboration System
WECSWest End Catholic School (Johnstown, PA)
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He also expressed his gratitude for opening WEC to accommodate poor women of the area.
A braking chopper (BC) is implemented to enhance the LVRT capability of a PMSG based on WECS during a voltage dip [8]-[10].
A solid oxide fuel cell assisted WECS is analyzed in grid-connected mode with SCs in DC coupled MG structure in [11].
Zhu, "Improved DC-link voltage control of PMSG WECS based on feedback linearization under grid faults," in Proceedings of the 28th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, APEC 2013, pp.
In [31], an online learning modified recurrent Elman NN control method is designed for a standalone PMSG WECS with practical implementation.
The generators used for the WECS (Wind Energy Conversion System) maybe the synchronous generator or the asynchronous generators.
The wind turbine is a very effective component in WECS that converts the wind kinetic-energy into mechanical energy that can be used to derive an electrical generator.
The DFIG WECS is a mix of aerodynamic, mechanical, electromagnetic, and electronic systems, and as such, control of the various subsystems in both steady and transient states is quite complex, especially since the increase in wind power penetration has resulted in more stringent grid codes which specify that the WECS must remain connected to the system even when a fault occurs and, furthermore, must provide reactive currents to support the grid voltages.
Oyewola, "Wind energy evaluation for electricity generation using WECS in seven selected locations in Nigeria," Applied Energy, vol.
Considering women and young girls a very important segment of the society, Universal Service Fund has awarded a special project for establishment of 50 computer labs at Women Empowerment Centers (WECs).
Women Empowerment Centres (WECs) (Vocational Dastkari Schools) to