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WEDMWindows Embedded Device Manager (Microsoft)
WEDMWebsphere Everyplace Device Manager (IBM)
WEDMWire Electric Discharge Machine
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In most recent work, Bisaria and Shandilya reported the experimental study of WEDM of NiTi SMA [17].
[22.] Jaafar, N, Abdullah, A., and Samad, Z., "Optimization of WEDM Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness of 2379 Steel Using Taguchi Method," SAE Int.
In WEDM, the thermal effect from wire sparking during the machining process could produce surface defects such as recast/white layer, micro cracks and residual stresses, which reduces fatigue strength, corrosion and wear resistance of the workpiece [4, 5].
The most common diameter of brass wire used for WEDM is 0.25 mm.
"Experimental Investigation of WEDM Variables on Surface Roughness of AISI D3 Die Steel By Using Two Cryogenically Treated Different Wires." Manufacturing Science and Technology 2(1): 20-25.
Certain manufacturing constraints are imposed by wEDM; the cutting paths are specified in terms of line and arc entities with CI continuity, with the minimum arc radius related to the wire diameter.
The present work is concerned with investigations on manufacturing of high quality meso-gears by WEDM. Brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel are the most commonly used materials for these gears (Davis, 2005; Townsend, 2011).
Simultaneous optimization of material removal rate and surface roughness for WEDM of WCCO composite using grey relational analysis along with Taguchi method, International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations 2: 479-490.
A nivel general se encuentran proyectos que permiten el monitoreo remoto de procesos industriales; por ejemplo: en [4] se presenta el estado de la tecnica en la gestion de controladores logicos programables (PLC), una arquitectura de gestion de sistemas PLC basada en un protocolo simple de administracion de red (SNMP) y la estructura general para crear una administracion de bases de informacion (MIB) para gestionar un PLC de una determinada marca y modelo; en [5] se presenta el diseno y desarrollo de un sistema de diagnostico y monitoreo en tiempo real para determinar la conducta degradada del cable mecanizado por descarga electrica (WEDM).
The jagged design of bionic jagged fan was made at the end of vane inlet edge, and the vane was processed by WEDM. The factors and standards of bionic jagged fan vanes were shown in Table 1.
Experimentation is done on Fanuc Robocut WEDM Machine.
A variety of optional seals allow Chuck 100P to be submerged in a WEDM, subjected to dielectric fluids or in the harsh environment of the powdered metal industry.