WEEAWorld Energy Efficiency Association
WEEAWest End Executives Association (West Covina, CA)
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Together with its sister legislation, the popular Title IX, WEEA set out to level the playing field for women in society by first attending to one of the critical areas in which women needed to gain greater access--quality education.
BORN FREE (Build Options Reassess Norms Free Roles through Educational Equity) was one of hundreds of programs funded by the WEEA to foster a vision of gender equality in the classroom and in the workplace.
During their conversation, Heumann, frustrated that the women's movement had been evolving around her but without her leadership and that of other disabled women, asked Wolfe what WEEA was doing on behalf of women and girls with disabilities.
Moreover, the Department of Education funds many boy-reconstruction projects and materials; its WEEA Publishing Center distributes literature proclaiming that innate gender differences are minimal.
WEEA was saved (albeit in a skeleton form) because feminist groups, with little to no help from the male-dominated left press, rallied to the agency's defense.
Free: The Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center 1999 Catalog of gender-fair educational resources, ranging from a middle and high school multicultural women's history curriculum to a working paper that helps teachers, administrators, and researchers look at the role gender plays in the application of technology.
by Hilary Carlip), Science is for Girls Program, WEEA, and various bibliographies and articles.
Newton, MA: WEEA Publishing Center, Educational Development, Inc., 1993.
Economy, Isolating the Textile and Apparel Components of GATT" (Philadelphia, the WEEA Group, 1992).
Department of Education, Newton, Mass., WEEA Publishing Center, 1990.
Meanwhile, funding for the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA), the catalyst for programs that put women into curricula and sports and that provide continuing education for teen mothers, was chopped by 80 percent.
Reagan and company have also put considerable time and effort into gutting the eleven-year-old Women's Educational Equity Act program (WEEA).