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WEEBWestern Europe Edifact Board
WEEBWisconsin Environmental Education Board
WEEBWestern Europe EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Finance, Administration, Commerce, and Transport) Board
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(9) En el primer caso supone que los proyectos seguros y los riesgosos tienen el mismo beneficio esperado, mientras que De Meza y Weeb supone que los proyectos dan los mismos retornos.
To characterize more details about the in vitro inhibition of [Na.sup.+],[K.sup.+]-ATPase and AChE by the inhibitor, the [I.sub.50] and [K.sub.i] values of each inhibitor were estimated from the graphical method of Dixon and Weeb, (Table 4).
(2010), mencionan que las bajas poblaciones de trips durante la mayor parte del ano coincide con lo reportado por otros autores para otras areas productoras de mango en Mexico; otros investigadores afirman que las poblaciones de trips en hortalizas y frutales se encuentran en grandes cantidades en un periodo corto de tiempo y que los picos de poblacion varian segun la especie (Weeb et al.
Pictured are Anita Malcolm, Becci Weeb, Lorraine Godfrey, Yvonne Imms, Pam Holliday, Kevin Carter, Stephen Daly, Charlotte Holland and Anne Stanley.
Spielman gets a copy of Shimon Peres' biography of David Ben-Gurion, the Weeb Ewbank (or perhaps Sonny Werblin) of the Six Day War.
She was among the one-in-200,000 for whom such a bite develops into encephalitis and within three weeb ks she was struck down with headaches and vertigo.
Jonathan Weeb's warm and colorful musical direction of an orchestra and choir that were irreproachable also contributed to the overall quality.
Stinvo, crarf, 2 Veeb, weeb, sneeple, 3 Weerz and plarf, 2 Quabz, fabz, teeple.