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WEELWorking for Equality and Economic Liberation (Helena, MT)
WEELWorkplace Environmental Exposure Limit (AIHA)
WEELWearable Electronics (WEEL Technologies)
WEELWashington Educators in Early Learning (formerly CCWA of Washington/AFT)
WEELWorld Energy Efficiency Link
WEELWorkplace Enviornment Exposure Level
WEELWater Environment European Laboratories
WEELWolfPack Energy Efficient Locomotion (North Carolina State University)
WEELWorkstation Evaluation and Ergonomics Laboratory
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Their five-meenit spot, 'Oor Bloo Toon' mirrar't sae weel the port, fishin tae the fore wi the steer at the herbor, the muckle traalers an includin a fine interview at the aul prison museum.
Sharin the honours in the individual category were Erin Smith an Andrew Saunders baith homin in on rural life, Andrew wi 'The Big Hoose' on the days o the laird an the common fowk wi twa lassies actin up weel on a hurl tae the laird's hoose, een refusin tae hae ony trock wi the perjink gentry - 'I'm a teuchter an prood o't'.
O' pictures hingin on the wa', And bits and pieces, great and sma', Cats havenae much tae say at a', And weel I know it.
Following the acquisition, Weel will start serving as TransFirst's director of operations.
Weel said that she had no financial conflicts to disclose.
Stephen Lewington with Mark Heard of Recycling & Resource Management; Darren Blood of AA Henton & Son; Geoff Vickery of Central Weel Components and Dave Whitmore of KDL
Wi the bothy sangs, traditional ballads an music on aa kyns o instruments fae the fiddle tae the trump forbye diddlin, we waur weel entertain't an educatit.
On at, Joe Aitken o Kirriemuir cam oot tap mang the bothy balladeers singin sae weel the Hairst o Rettie linkin the days o the scythe an the comin o mechanisation.
A lass raxed oot for the list, to read-"Weel, wounded, missin' - DEID": An the war was by for twa.
Weel I wis tae get a fair stammagaster, it's the same Jock sae weel kent as a gran singer o the aal traditional ballads an the bothy sangs fae the North-East neuk.