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WEFTWritten English for Tourism
WEFTWater Eliminated Fourier Transform (chemistry)
WEFTWing, Engine, Fuselage, and Tail
WEFTWrong Every Flipping Time (polite form)
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* Beating-up, or battening is where the weft is pushed up again the top layer to keep the threads close together.
Fabric specification Name Supplier Fibre content 100% polyester Faisalabad 100% polyester 50/50 cotton/polyester Faisalabad 50/50 cotton/polyester Name Properties Fabric construction Weight Warp Weft 100% polyester Twill weave 0.82g 58 58 82 Gsm 50/50 cotton/polyester Plain weave 2.17g 70 55 217 Gsm Table 2.
Warp & Weft offer a premium range of fabrics that celebrate the exceptional work of artisan designers.
For the article obtained from cotton yarns in warp and flax in weft in equal proportions, the different values of the relative electrical permittivity may be attributed to various structures and characteristics of the weave.
When cutting with the cross grain, the pattern grainline aligns with the weft, perpendicular to the selvages (2).
Crimp tests were carried out for each yarn (warp weft and binder) to analyse the role and impact on strength of each of 3D weaves.
ROJ used Aptiv films in three different thicknesses (150, 250 and 500?m) selected according to the required tension and weft characteristics.
'It also allows a more consistent yarn tension at every desirable tension level, while the tension depends on the pressure applied by the APTIV film cone on the weft feeder yarn running surface, thereby eliminating defects in the cloth," added Brovarone.
Warp and Weft: From Handloom to Production, displays the work of weavers from Wales and England who have moved their craft practice into the commercial arena by working with woollen mills.
will be among the chains carrying the new Weft Baby line of bottles, nipples, sippy cups, pacifiers, gift sets and accessories designed in partnership with Dr.
This latest version has been developed for materials up to five meters in width and includes center or edge guiding as well as spreading feature not found in traditional guiding systems; Elsis surface defect inspection technology for various materials including laminates and coated fabrics; Elstraight weft straightening systems featuring CCD matrix camera technology including the Elstraight HD system for technical textiles and Elstraight camera bridge upgrade for retrofitting existing weft straighteners with the latest CCD matrix camera distortion detection technology.
Since September of 2005, the district has been using a NEXGEN Galaxy2R 150N two-ram baler to handle its wide variety of materials, and District Coordinator George Brake says the machine has quickly become a valuable member of the Van Weft SWMD team.