WEHSWilliamsville East High School (East Amherst, New York)
WEHSWashington Ethical High School
WEHSWauwatosa East High School (Wauwatosa, WI)
WEHSWyoming East High School (New Richmond, WV)
WEHSWest Essex High School
WEHSWater-Extractable Humic Substances
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At each elevation and time step, the area of elevated Z occurs on the south and east sides of the WEH and attendant TDS (on KTLX), closer to the EF4 damage indicators and in the area where the translational velocity of the tornado aligns with the tangential wind component.
9), the tornado was in its mature stage with a WEH over 1 km in diameter.
Just 10 s later, the WEH had narrowed considerably in the Z field, but a wide vortex continued in the [v.sub.r] field (see Fig.
A Z contour was applied in order to visualize the three-dimensional structure of the WEH (in this case, a 36-dBZ contour was chosen).
A series of RHIs through the WEH (at 311[degrees] relative to north) starting at the same time as Fig.
(top) Observed WEH track at the 2[degrees] elevation angle (solid black line), with NWS damage survey contours (colors) from the 19 May 2013 Shawnee, OK, EF4 tornado, (bottom) Z (dBZ) at 2[degrees] elevation angle at four selected times (A-D), with distances labeled from the radar location (which is to the southeast of the frame).Times A-D correspond to the circled points along the tracks in the top panel of the figure.
The tornado, marked by the WEH in the hook region, traversed the scanning sector, resulting in a dataset that spanned 35 min.