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WEHTWhat Ever Happened To ... ?
WEHTWinchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust (UK)
WEHTWater Extract of Hsian-Tsao (nutritional biochemistry)
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Hermann Goltz, "Ob Sud oder Ost: Der Geist weht, wo er will," pp.
Hohenhausen: Der Dichtkunst wegen, wahlte wohl allein Einst Rousseau diese himmlischen Gefilde, Er fand: hier sey der Ort, wo Liebe rein Den Gurtel Psyche's lost im Glutverein, Wo lieblich bluhen geistige Gebilde,-- Wohl weht auch hier ein wonnesusses Seyn, So wunderbar erhaben, doch voll Milde.
It's also shown on PBS stations around the state and syndicated to ABC affiliates in Fort Wayne (WPTA) and Evansville (WEHT), and to the CBS affiliate in Terre Haute (WTHI).
(10.) Chryssoula Kambas, "Walter Benjamin best Georges Sorel: `Reflexions sur la violence,'" in Aber ein Sturm weht vom Paradis her.
"Frisch weht der Wind der Heimat zu" sings a sailor hidden in the rigging of the ship, thinking of his Irish sweetheart.
Frisch weht der Wind der Heimat zu; click your heels and hope for home.
Wenn die Graser sprossen wollen, weht daher ein lauer Wind, und das Eis zerspringt in Schollen, und der weiche Schnee zerrinnt.
This article analyzes two novels by the colonial Farmersfrau Lydia Hopker, Um Scholle und Leben (1927) and Und wo der Wind weht (first published in 1994), works as yet virtually untouched by German Studies scholarship.
(5) While Um Scholle und Leben laments the forced capitulation of the German colonial authorities to the British, her second novel--Und wo der Wind weht: Ein heiteres, buntes Buch aus dem sudwest-afrikanischem Busch (And Where the Wind Blows: An Exciting, Colorful Book from the Southwest African Bush, 1945)--revises history by erasing the English presence in the colonies and reestablishing German rule, along with its harsh treatment of the indigenous population.
In Und wo der Wind weht, for example, the unnamed female protagonist's anecdotes concerning family life and the search for romance and domestic bliss in the colonies sometimes read like episodes from our modern-day sitcoms, and she always has a role to play in them herself.