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Tullock's WEJ article was also rejected by the Journal of Political Economy.
For example, I compared the citation count for Tullock's article in the WEJ with that for Robert Gordon's article in the AER.
Authors that the Journals Chose to Publish Tullock, "The Welfare Costs of Tariffs, Monopolies, and Theft," WEJ, 6/67 Rejected by the AER, JPE, SEJ 578 (1972-2004) Gordon, AER, 9/67 60 (1967-2004) Bergson, JPE, 9-10/67 21 (1967-2004) Conlisk, SEJ, 10/67 4 (1967-2004) Tullock, "The Cost of Transfers," Kyklos, 4/71 29 (1972-2004) Rejected by the AER, QJE, SEJ Bailey and Schotta, AER, 3/72 23 (1972-2004) Scott, QJE, 2/72 44 (1972-2004) Spengler SEJ, 4/72 3 (1972-2004)