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WEKAWaikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis
WEKAWhat Everybody Keeps Asking (disability information website; New Zealand)
WEKAWestern Early Keyboard Association (est. 1998)
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For classification, different machine vision classifiers have been employed on this fused dataset using Weka software version (3.6.12), that is, Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), Naive Bayes (NB), Random Forest (RF), and J48 [19].
Kalmegh, "Analysis of WEKA data mining algorithm REP-Tree, simple CART and RandomTree for classification of Indian news," International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering, and Technology, vol.
Upon processing the 208 registries through Naive Bayes and C4.5 algorithms, Weka yielded the results shown in Table 4.
Bouckaert, Bayesian network classifiers in weka. Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, 2004.
A preparacao do conteudo do DW para utilizacao dos metodos de extracao de conhecimento na ferramenta selecionada WEKA exigiu diversos ajustes para produzir maior eficiencia possivel na execucao dos algoritmos de mineracao de dados.
The data were selected in groups in multiples of 1,000, and MAE values were obtained and compared by applying various regression analysis methods supported by WEKA to them.
These datasets were exported into comma-delimited files (CSV format) for further processing with classification tree analysis in software Weka 3.5.8 (WITTEN & FRANK, 2005).