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WEKAWaikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis
WEKAWhat Everybody Keeps Asking (disability information website; New Zealand)
WEKAWestern Early Keyboard Association (est. 1998)
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La licencia de Weka es GNU--GPL, lo que significa que este programa es de libre distribucion.
However, Witten, Frank and Hall (2011) suggested using weka as it was designed to rapidly try out existing methods on new data sets in flexible ways.
Studies dedicated to mining and analyzing educational data to extracting information include that of [00] conducted study wherein they made use of WEKA data mining tool in the educational context to mine relevant rules that assist in extracting information through Apriori algorithm.
The popular machine learning framework WEKA tool uses the word to refer to a decision tree built on a random split of columns.
Prosecutor Diane Williams said that in 2014 Allsup, of Pennant Flats, Henllan Street, Denbigh, was fined PS110 and ordered to pay PS300 in compensation to the owner of a Jack Russell attacked by Weka in Ruthin.
Para este trabalho, foi utilizado o software WEKA para a realizacao de tecnicas de mineracao de dados, onde foram feitas classificacoes atraves do algoritmo J48, a fim de identificar o perfil dos estudantes de medicina que prestaram o ENADE em 2013.
The data were selected in groups in multiples of 1,000, and MAE values were obtained and compared by applying various regression analysis methods supported by WEKA to them.
McNemar's test results and WEKA statistics were calculated and discussed below for each dataset from two different perspectives; first to find a machine learning algorithm which classified the data correctly, secondly the effect of data size on these algorithms' performance.
Se aplico el proceso de descubrimiento de conocimientos en bases de datos con apoyo de los algoritmos implementados en la herramienta Weka explorer (Molina y Garcia, 2006; Martin et al.
En esta investigacion se emplearon para el analisis las tecnicas predictivas, las cuales tienen tareas de clasificacion y regresion (Kohavi & Quinlan, 2002), por lo tanto, para la seleccion de la tecnica y el algoritmo mas adecuado se estudio el conjunto de datos por medio de metodos bayesianos, arboles de decision, redes neuronales y regresion logistica (Caruana & Niculescu, 2006); el analisis discriminante no se tuvo en cuenta, ya que no esta disponible en la version utilizada de WEKA (Hall, Eibe, Holmes, Pfahringer, Reutemann, & Witten, 2009), siendo este el software utilizado en el proceso de investigacion.
We propose to use the classifiers in the WEKA data mining software developed by Hall et al.