WELL-HARTWomen's Estrogen-Progestin Lipid-Lowering Hormone Atherosclerosis Regression Trial
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Comment: These Finnish findings that protection in CAD mortality was greater in younger menopausal women is consistent with numerous other studies which support this "timing hypothesis" (e.g., the EPAT trail, the WELL-HART trial) and that estrogen is beneficial to healthy coronary vessels in younger women but not in older women for whom CAD is higher.
WELL-HART examined secondary prevention of coronary artery disease with oral estradiol, as did WHISP.
These include the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), the Women's Angiographic Vitamin and Estrogen (WAVE) trial, the Women's Estrogen/Progestin and Lipid Lowering Hormone Atherosclerosis Regression Trial (WELL-HART), and, in Britain, the Women's International Study of Long-Duration Oestrogen After the Menopause (WISDOM) trial.