WEMCOWelding Equipment Manufacturers Committee
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The Wemco WSP is a heavy duty pump that is said to be equally at ease with clean and solids laden liquids.
The concentrations of the heavy metals were observed to be higher in the upstream 2 which may be a result of improper dumping of refuse and sitting of wood processing (WEMCO) company near the sampling station 2 at Ikom.
Wemco is the market-leading brand of vortex impeller pumps used in food-mil industrial processing applications where fluids contain high levels of solids, fibrous materials and aggressive slurries.
For example, the Wemco "Torque-Flow" recessed impeller pump and Wemco peristaltic pump can handle many difficult transfer duties encountered in a food plant.
Tenders are invited for Provide a wemco pump serial number (08dw07216-01).
FLSmidth has delivered more than 56,000 flotation machines in total, varying in size from 1 [m.sup.3] up to 660 [m.sup.3], and including both WEMCO self-aspirated mechanisms and Dorr-Oliver forced-air mechanisms.
Box 148, Olin, NC 28660 Tel: (704) 876-4952 Fax: (704) 876-6408 Wemco FM12, 24, 42, 48, 60 * * * * Yadkin Valley Mechanical Inc., P.O.
Now part of the integrated Baker Process enterprise, Eimco Process Equipment has made several innovative improvements to its Wemco mechanical flotation cells and Pyramid column flotation cells over the past years.
Wemco Pumps have acquired the Rosewater range of heavy duty peristaltic pumps to complement their Torque-Flow recessed impeller range.
Items include two (2), 12" Wemco hydrogritters; quantity one (1) of model number 9391531-1 and quantity one (1) of model number 9391531-3.
The 600 Series SuperCell uses WEMCO and Dorr-Oliver mechanisms, with an XCell 600 Series machine to be developed later.