WEMEWebsphere Everyplace Micro Environment (IBM Corp.)
WEMEWestern Meadowlark (bird species Sturnella neglecta)
WEMEWebSphere Everyplace Micro Edition (IBM)
WEMEWestern Engine and Model Exhibition (Bay Area Engine Modelers Club; Vallejo, CA)
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By the same token, the job of the executive in charge of a company's 401(k) needs to become more like that of the CIO of a defined benefit plan, says Nieuwe Weme. For companies that want to help their employees manage risk and reach a clear asset goal at retirement, ING advocates target-date funds that are allocated among a range of asset classes much the way defined benefit plans are.
Target-date funds have been around for some years, but this "customized" approach is becoming more popular, says Nieuwe Weme, citing a survey that showed 37% of plans expect to be actively allocating between funds in a target-date portfolio in 2018, as opposed to just 17% in 2008.
I am grateful to Sindre Weme, Johannes Skjeltorp, Bjorne Syversten, Alexander Vik and Per Atle Aronsen (Norges Bank) for useful comments.
Friends Amelia Jansen, Kathryn Coulson, PJ de Weme Brown and Meg Kerry were selected to represent their peers as part of the school's membership of Round Square International.
We would like to thank Arve Austestad (SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt), Andreas Heiberg (Nordea Bank Norway), Oyvind Birkeland (DnB NOR Boligkreditt) and Sigbjern Atle Berg, Kare Hagelund, Sindre Weme, Gunnvald Grenvik and Knut Sandal (Norges Bank) for their valuable comments.
Weme, Sindre (2001): "BIS trearige undersokelse av valuta-og derivatmarkedene 2001" (BIS triennual survey of foreign exchange and derivatives markets 2001), Penger og Kreditt 4/01, pp.
We are grateful to Sindre Weme and Gunnvald Gronvik for their useful comments.
* With thanks to Guttorm Egge, Tom Bernbardsen, Per Atle Aronsen, Johannes Skjeltorp, Dag Henning Jacobsen, Sindre Weme and colleagues in the Department for Market Operations and Analysis for useful comments.
Lund, director, and Sindre Weme, head of division, both in the Securities Market and International Finance Department