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WENDWatershed Ecosystem Nutrient Dynamics
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In Central Texas, where German settlers arrived before the Wends and founded towns like New Braunfels and Fredericksburg, Wends were often absorbed into the German Texan culture.
For example, Pughneere is a legitimate child, whereas his brother, Wend Kuuni, was adopted.
Marshalling their thoughts around a table away from the throng, a group from Skegness - Patricia, Monica, Wend and Chrissie - were taking in their first experience of the royal meeting, and getting over an eight-hour journey that ended with the discovery that there was no paper in the ladies' toilets in the coach park.
The faeries, demons, and spirits of Celtic provenance that wend through the work of British poet John Keats (1795-1821), were not born of the usual literary sources such as Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton, says Gallant (English literature, Georgia State U.
Natural compounds akin to synthetic flame retardants wend their way up marine food chains and accumulate in whale blubber, researchers have found.
Encompassing the entire process of starting a business in one of the seven cities of the fictitious Friday Island, there are 20 modules students have to wend their way through from market analysis, arranging financing to setting up a menu, balancing the books, advertising and hiring staff.
Wend pointed out that the Army operates a fleet of nearly 250,000 vehicles that is being transformed into a "lighter, more mobile, and more fuel-efficient fleet.
This expression of, as the Environics writer puts it, "joy, enthusiasm, hope and vision" will eventually wend its way to General Synod and synod members in 2004 can rightly take pride in being part of a community that engenders such feelings.
The Winooski River Watershed in Vermont is a case watershed in which WEND has been used to evaluate the impacts of long-term strategies on nutrient use efficiency.
Department of Health and Human Services filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds, claiming that challenges to Medicare matters must first wend their way through its own administrative appeals process.