WENRAWestern European Nuclear Regulators Association
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WENRA [Western European Nuclear Regulators Association] and the Commission's High-Level Group on Nuclear Safety are trying to harmonise such funds.
Still, several international events will have to be taken into account: a review meeting of parties to the convention on nuclear safety in April 2005, a review meeting of the parties to the joint convention in May 2006, WENRA reports (due for release in December) and national action plans from WENRA members in 2006.
As for assessment reports on the situation in candidate countries, the COREPER report provides a broad bibliography, including publications from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), and above all WENRA (Western nuclear regulators), which "may constitute a very solid starting point".
The WENRA report "admits to unresolved safety issues at the Temelin nuclear power plant.
Patricia Lorenz, FoEE campaigner and author of the paper, said that "It is not acceptable that organisations like WENRA declare Soviet-design nuclear power plants from the 1960s to have high nuclear safety standards.
In the area of nuclear safety the Czech Republic insists it meets the internationally recognised standards as proved for instance by the report of the international nuclear regulators' organisation, WENRA.
However the environmentalist NGOs accuse WENRA of being in the pocket of the industry it is meant to regulate.