WEQWind Erosion Equation
WEQWholesale Electric Quadrant (North American Energy Standards Board)
WEQWorry-Emotionality Questionnaire (psychology)
WEQWar Event Questionnaire (psychiatry)
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On the occasion, Mausmi says, "I am highly honored and feel very fortunate to be the winner of the WEQ 2013.
WEQ is a fantastic platform for female entrepreneurs to get inspired and empowered to turn their ideas into a reality and build successful businesses.
The SCI-ER values include consideration of the wind and water erosion sediment losses predicted by the WEQ spreadsheet and RUSLE2 (tables 3 and 4).
Surface crusting caused by wetting and drying may reduce erosion on many soils, but is not considered in the WEQ method.
Bhikha, Director of Grace Hopper Celebration India said, "We are very pleased to have the second edition of WEQ in Bengaluru.
WEQ has been used to estimate average annual soil loss and is based upon the following factors:
She brings 20 years of experience in the PKI sector to NAESB, and under her leadership, GlobalSign and NAESB began a relationship a year ago that has since helped to establish stricter PKI standards for the WEQ that will strengthen defenses against modern-day cyber threats.
Although we did not use the standard rotary sieve as required by the WEQ, we followed the general recommendations of Skidmore (1988) to achieve an adequate separation of dry soil aggregates when using a more readily available flat sieve.
1964) study was used to derive the current soil roughness factor in the WEQ.
These models, along with the wind erosion models WEQ, RWEQ, and WEPS, provide tools for estimating changes in erosion rates if climatic changes occur.
The WEQ was derived in laboratory wind tunnels from measurement of basic physical processes.
Erosion rate estimates(*) USLE and WEQ in tons per acre 1982 1992 million USLE WEQ million USLE WEQ acres acres Cropland (excluding CRP) 420.