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WERWindows Error Reporting
WERWeekly Epidemiological Record
WERWomen Elected Representatives (India)
WERWireless Edge Router
WERWorld Emergency Relief (UK)
WERWord Error Rate
WERWindow Energy Rating
WERWorld Eye Reports (est. 1987)
WERWeapons-Effect Reporting
WERWet-Etching Rate
WERWater Entry Resolution
WERWork Estimate Request
WERWork Entity Release (Saudi Aramco)
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His face was flushed; his black eyes wers feverishly bright.
The complaint alleged, among other things, that the MOA was not procured through competitive bidding and was executed before WER FAST obtained its SEC certificate of registration, and that Purisima had close personal ties with WER FAST's incorporator and high ranking officer.
Wenceslas Moritz 2, hereinafter referred to as WER Lublin, as defined in Annex 2 to the Agreement, as detailed in Annexes 1.
Fay Jones Gold Medal in 2010, joining other WER founding partners, Don Evans, AIA and Terry Rasco, FAIA, making WER Architects/Planners the only firm in Arkansas whose founders have all been so recognized.
The worst performance for both variants of input features is obtained for 39 output features, although in the version where input vectors contain 9 frames and HLDA assumes correlation of non-discriminative projected features WER is surprisingly low.
WER has offices in the United Kingdom, Honduras, Hong Kong, Germany, Holland and France, and sometimes has to tailor the premium to the culture, such as tea bags to increase response in Hong Kong.
Alex Haxton, director of operations at WER said: "Having laying hens is one of the simplest and quickest steps towards self-sufficiency in terms of both food and income.
Comparison of such reporting between countries in this recent WER suggests that much work still needs to be done within some leprosy endemic countries, to optimise the management of leprosy control.
Since initiating the program in April 1999, WER has received over forty thousand Love Boxes.
In the 10 years he has been with WER, he has been project leader on a number of jobs, including the Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas, Episcopal Collegiate Lower School and the visual arts center at UA-Fort Smith.
Alex Haxton, director of operations for WER, said: "We are thrilled to partner Gentoo and congratulate them on thinking beyond normal recycling and green parameters.
Career: David Sargent joined WER in1986 and was named CEO in 2006.