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WERSWorldwide Engineering Release System
WERSWindows Error Reporting Service (Microsoft)
WERSWorkplace Employee Relations Survey (UK)
WERSWindow Energy Rating System (energy efficiency)
WERSWeb-Enabled Reporting System (software)
WERSWhite Eagle Red Star (Polish-Soviet War of 1920)
WERSWorld Engineering Release System (Ford)
WERSWest End Refuge Service
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His face was flushed; his black eyes wers feverishly bright.
The guanaco i also in his proper district, herds of fifty or a hundred wer common; and, as I have stated, we saw one which mus have contained at least five hundred.
For the next twenty-eight mile the river-course was encumbered with these basaltic masses Above that limit immense fragments of primitive rocks derived from its surrounding boulder-formation, wer equally numerous.
They wer placed on points, projecting over the edge of the highest lav cliff, and they resembled, but on a small scale, those nea Port Desire.
We wer now one hundred and forty miles distant from the Atlantic and about sixty from the nearest arm of the Pacific.
'Just for all the world!' exclaimed his wife; 'an' about a three wik sin', when he seed how poor Jem shivered wi' cold, an' what pitiful fires we kept, he axed if wer stock of coals was nearly done.
shoo sits watching for ye i' t' kitchen; and as yah're in at one door, he's out at t'other; and, then, wer grand lady goes a- courting of her side!
Warnings and ultimatums wer telegraphed to and fro, and in a few hours all the panic-fierce world was openly at war, and at war in the most complicated way.
"The last words in it wer. `For God's sake,'" he whispered, confidentially; "I am very anxious at getting no answer."
Fues i rioed mor nerfus a phan fu raid i ni roi 'meicro wers' o 20 munud o flaen ein gilydd yn ystod y flwyddyn gynta.
1 the values of WERs for the systems based on the LDA and corresponding HLDA are compared.