WESAWater and Earth Science Associates (Canada)
WESAWestern Sandpiper (bird species Calidris mauri)
WESAWestern and English Sales Association (Denver, CO)
WESAWater Employee Services Authority (California)
WESAWapeneienaars van Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans: Gun Owners of South Africa)
WESAWelfare Support Assistance
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Comprised of representatives of Serpent River, various levels of government and other non-government organizations, the panel would have oversight on reserve land and the traditional territory of Serpent River, explained Lynn Moreau, an environmental scientist with WESA.
We understand this WESA method works on fibres, powders and porous components having a surface area in the range from 0.
Nell van Walsum, president of BluMetric s Professional Services Division, said, These new contracts represent a continuation of WESA s long history of working successfully with mining companies, providing progressive environmental engineering solutions.
Two audits were conducted in 2011 by an independent consulting company, WESA.
Seprotech Systems Incorporated, membrane water treatment and reuse provider in Canada has inked a deal to purchase 100 per cent stake of WESA Group Inc, a professional services firm having eight North American offices and one more in El Salvador.
The agreement was announced by WESA on 24 September 2012.
The fourth round of the WESA East Region Shore League will be fished at Sully and Bendricks on Sunday, July 25.
The weekend's big sea event is the fourth round of the WESA East Region Shore League at Cardiff foreshore.