WESIWarehouse Equipment Solutions, Inc.
WESIWest Edge Sculpture Invitational (Seattle, WA)
WESIWorld Expert Systems Intelligence Ltd. (Barbados)
WESIWorkshop on Electrical Safety in Industry
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Aztec players from West Boylston include Brian O'Connor, Wesi Ashley, Steven Parker, David Parker, Marlon Batista, Matt Marshall, and Ryan O'Connor.
Schopen, "Taking the Bodhisattva into Town: More Texts on the Image of 'the Bodhisattva' and Image Processions in the Mulasarvastivada-viaaya" East and Wesi 55 (2005): 306ff.
Table - 2 New projects in upstream sector of petrochemical industry, 2001 Name of Loca- Status Production Invest- BKPM Company tion Capacity ment (US$ Approval (tons/year) Billion) First Barru, PMDN Methane - 1.8(*) June, 2001 Liquid South 450,000 Petroche- Sula- Ethylene - mical, PT wesi 700,000 Propylene - 385,000 C4 Component - 225,000 (*) including aromatic center; PMDN = Domestic Investment Source: Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)/Data Consult
This is a continuation of a longstanding relationship that MEC Leeto has with all the schools of Nyakallong, Allanridge which has saw a drastic improvement of Grade 12 pass-rate at both Mosala and LA Wesi Secondary Schools.
self propelled steel hull twin screw Passenger Ferry/Tourist Vessels (Launch) for 250 (Two hundred fifty) passengers to ply in Inland Waterways of Wesi Bengal.